Radiology in your pocket like never before

30+ real-world cases

Browse through more than 30 cases (with more coming every month!) selected for their real-world representativeness and high pedagogical value. All cases include information regarding the patient, concise history of current illness and relevant imaging. Cases are currently focused on thoracic radiographs.

High-resolution radiographs

Experience the joy of manipulating high-resolution imagery right on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Access all relevant series (e.g. anteroposterior, lateral, expiratory) and zoom in and out using pinch gestures. Especially optimized for the new Retina display, radiographs have never looked so good!

Detailed radiologic interpretation

Each radiograph is accompanied by a detailed radiologic interpretation. More than a simple radiologist report, these interpretations thoroughly explain the what and why of each finding and feature tips and tricks helping you get better and better at reading x-rays.

Highlighted findings

Because an image is worth a thousand words, each finding is not only described, but also drawn directly on the radiographs. These annotations are color-coded, so that up to 10 findings can be shown concurrently on the same study. Annotations can be individually toggled on and off.

Optimized for differential diagnosis

Access cases directly either by diagnosis (e.g. pneumonia, atelectasis, pulmonary fibrosis) or by actual radiological finding (e.g. alveolar opacities, interstitial opacities, silhouette sign).

Buy once, run everywhere

RealWorld Radiology is a universal app, meaning it has been optimized to look great on both your iPad and your iPhone or iPod Touch. Buy it once and use it on all of your devices1, no separate purchase required for the iPad and iPhone versions!

"Excellent design for a functional learning tool. Great for students (I am one). I love the overlaid color-coding, really helps to highlight what's wrong in each case."
-Bigb808 (USA iTunes Store)

Offline access

All the app content is stored directly on your device. Once the initial download is completed from the App store, no internet connection is further required for use. And by weighting less than 20 MB, RealWorld Radiology will leave plenty of room for all your other apps.

Continually updated

RealWorld Radiology is an evolving project with updates on a regular basis. Getting the app now gives you access to future updates for free (even as the price of the app increases)!

1 RealWorld Radiology requires iOS 4.2 and later running on iPhone 3GS or better, third generation iPod Touch or better or any iPad.
RealWorld Radiology was designed by radiologists, radio residents and med-school students at Université de Sherbrooke. Content is intended for med students, junior residents or as continuing medical education for health professionals. All radiographs were kindly provided by Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke and remain their exclusive property.
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